Lesson #17 Web Design Mastery

Here is Lesson #17 of our Web Design Mastery eCourse.

The download links are below. Just right-click and select "Save Target As" from the drop-down menu, and save to your Desktop or hard drive, or follow the more detailed instructions below.

Web Design Mastery, Lesson #17

  Web Design Mastery Lesson #17
Download time on 56kb modem: 19 seconds

Download Instructions:

  1. Right-click (or control-click on the Mac) on the underlined text-link, and in the drop-down menu that appears select "Save Target As." You can save to your Desktop or anywhere on your hard disk drive.

    NOTE: Each browser has a different way of expressing this (confusing you about what you are able to do might be more accurate) and NONE of them say "Save File To Disk":

    Internet Explorer will say: Save Target As
    Konqueror and FireFox will say: Save Link As
    Opera will say: Save target as
    Others may say something like: Save URL As
  2. When you've downloaded the file, find it on your Desktop or hard disk drive and double-click on it to de-compress with either Winzip or Stuffit Expander (these are free programs and further down the page there are links to click if you don't have them loaded on your system). Save the resulting de-compressed files to a convenient location (again either on your Desktop or hard disk drive). Then double-click the file and it will open in Adobe Acrobat Reader (again, this is free software, and you'll find the links further down the page if you don't have this software loaded) ready for you to print it.
  3. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader and WinZip installed on your computer if it is a Microsoft Windows system, or Adobe Acrobat Reader and StuffIt Expander if it is a Macintosh. 

Get the free WinZip software from here (opens in a new Window).

Get the free StuffIt Expander software from here (opens in a new Window).

Get the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software from here (opens in a new Window).


Undoubtedly the most popular Windows decompression software tool on the Internet is WinZip. It's an excellent, easy-to-use program. The only problem is that it's shareware, not freeware. After you download it, every time you use it, you'll get an annoying "nag" screen that entices you to buy the program. However, the freeware programs I've listed below do not have that problem: they're all free, and in many cases are nearly as good, or as good, as WinZip. These tools will handle any type of compressed file you'll encounter (all these links open in a new window):

ZIP Genius

A powerful zip tool that supports over 20 different compression formats including: RAR; ARJ; ACE; CAB; SQX 7-ZIP; UPX; ZIP64 and OpenOffice.org documents. It also supports drag and drop, five compression levels, creation of self-extracting exe files, full customisation and integration in Windows Explorer.